Before the Disappearance of the Argentine Submarine Water Caused a Short Circuit in its Battery

The water could get into the snorkel (the air intake device for running the engine under water) of the Argentine San Juan submarine, which disappeared two weeks ago, the Associated Press reported citing Argentine Navy spokesman Enrique Balbi.


He told reporters that this was reported by the captain of the submarine in one of the last communications sessions. According to him, the water got into the snorkel while charging the battery and caused a short circuit, after which a “fire or smoke without fire” arose. Later the captain reported that the problem had been eliminated.

“They had to isolate this battery and follow the water in Mar del Plata using a different battery,” Balbi said.

As previously reported, along with the disappearance of the submarine in the south of the Atlantic Ocean, an “anomalous, single, short, strong, non-nuclear explosion” was recorded. It is not yet clear whether he had relations with the submarine.Missing Submarine 1

According to the representative of the Argentine Navy, the stock of air at San Juan would last for 7-10 days, provided that the ship did not float to the surface and was not damaged. At the same time there are no connections with the crew for two weeks already – since November 15th.


On board the submarine is 44 crew members.

Several countries are participating in the search for the submarine, including the United States and Russia.


Source: Maritime News of Russia