A Detachment of Ships of the Baltic Fleet on a Long March Passed the English Channel  

Corvettes “Boykiy” and “Sobystvitelny” passed the Channel, the representative of the Baltic Fleet Captain 1st Rank Roman Martov told Interfax.


“The detachment of the ships of the Baltic Fleet as part of the corvette” Boykiy “and” Sobystvitelny “, which is on a long voyage, completed the passage of the passages of the Pas de Calais, the English Channel,” Martov said.


He noted that the detachment’s ships had replenished fuel supplies and conducted scheduled inspections of the ships. As part of the planned long-range campaign, the ships also conducted joint maneuvers.


“Combat calculations of ships in motion along the approved route carried out a conditional joint search, detection of submarines of the conventional enemy in the framework of exercises on the organization of anti-submarine defense on the move in the Atlantic areas,” Martov said.Baltic Fleet


A detachment of ships left Baltiysk on October 14 and headed for the Atlantic Ocean, thereby establishing a regular naval presence in the region.