Danish Vessel KARINA DANICA Suspect in Arms Trade, Causes Protest

Sardinia activists protest against turning Cagliari into an arms trade hub, after Danish freighter KARINA DANIC Arrived at Cagliari port on Nov 28 under tight security, escorted by three tugs and CG boat.

According to activists, KARINA DANICA is chartered by the US company Charming, which is the official supplier of non-NATO standard weaponry to US allies or friendly militants in Syria and Middle East in general.

Understood KARINA DANICA is to load some military cargo at Cagliari, she arrived from Santander Spain. Activists say arms are produced by Bulgarian arms manufacturer Vazovski (VMZ), and Sardinia-based manufacturer.


Conflict Armament Research Director James Bevan said a lot of those arms end up in extremist’s groups.


Source: FleetMon