Cruise ship Norwegian Star again skip calls after azipod failure

Norwegian Star shipThe cruise ship Norwegian Star suffered azipod failure during a cruise in Indonesia, Singapore and Australia through the Great Barrier Reef. During the passage from Singapore to Bali, Indonesia, the vessel lost suffered technical failure in one of the two pod drives, but succeeded to dock at the port in the famous resort. However, the crew was not able to repair and the failed azipod, which means that cruise ship will be without full power and with reduced maneuverability on next voyages. The Master of the 2,240-passenger ship informed the passengers that will change itinerary the cruise and will head directly to Sydney, skipping trip to the Great Barrier Reef and call in Brisbane. The guests received 500 USD compensation at their onboard accounts, but were not happy because of the cancelled calls and changed cruise.

The people on board of the cruise ship Norwegian Star were never been in danger. The vessel has two azipods, which guarantee safety during cruises. However, this is second failure of the same pod drive, which in mid-December delayed the cruise of Norwegian Star and skipping several ports in Asia cruise. After this accident, instead of dry docking the vessel, the Norwegian Cruise Line hired board contractors to repair the failed instead of dry docking her.

The cruise ship Norwegian Star (IMO: 9195157) has overall length of 294.00 m, beam of 32.20 m and maximum draft of 8.20 m. The deadweight of the cruise ship is 7,500 DWT and the gross tonnage is 91,740 GRT. The ship was built in Meyer Werft shipyard in Papenburg, Germany.

  1. Whilst the ship does have two Azipods, one is not working and the ship is running on one only. What happens if this also fails at sea? The ship would have no propulsion. I am currently on this ship and have a day adore at Darwin. We have had 5 lshore locations cancelled out of 10. It’s been an absolute disaster and still NCL keep the ship sailing, letting down people on the subsequent cruises. It’s fraud and taking money under false pretences!

  2. We are booked to board the Norwegian Star on 18th March. We were notified yesterday by IGLU that NCL has advised them of a problem with the Azipod. Our cruise has been delayed by one day, with 3 stops currently cancelled and one stop shortened. We have paid a large amount of money for this cruise and like Mr Harper we feel that we have parted with this money under false pretences. We have tried to contact IGLU on a number of occasions today without any success. If we go ahead with the cruise NCL has offered $500 per stateroom and a 25% discount on another cruise. The amount is derisory given the overall cost of our holiday. There have been ongoing reports on the internet of problems with the Azipod since October. Why is NCL still keeping the Norwegian Star in operation. What happens if the remaining Azipod gives up whilst at sea. I am very concerned.

    • We are also booked on this ship sailing from Auckland NZ on Feb 18th. We have been advised 3 ports have been cancelled off our itinerary and one other reduced by 2 hours. We have contacted NCL and spoken to a variety of supervisors there who are not willing to do anything for us above the $500 credit and 25% future cruise discount. We have heard that even though they have supplied us with a new itinerary that may change yet again when we board the ship. We are devastated, as this is a once in a lifetime cruise for us and we cannot cancel at this point as we would loose too much money considering we are travelling from Canada to go on this ship. We are no longer excited about going on this trip as we may well find our selves at sea for the entire 19 days. We feel cheated and have nowhere to turn, we are literally at there mercy. We too are concerned and angry that NCL has done nothing and said nothing about this issue that has indeed been going on since October.

  3. This ship is currently drifting at sea about 200 km offshore due to a breakdown.rugs on the way for a rescue mission.

    • Rugs ?? Are you going to disembark by Flying Carpet ? Cool , go Hogwarts !

    • Rugs on the way? I am not surprised…it gets cold there sometimes and could be needed. But two azipod failures? The problems with them are inherent in these ships….new technology and new problems…. I would sue fro further compensation for ruinous holidays….caused by issues well known in the industry!!!! Googly azipods…

  4. In response to the above comments we feel that NCL has a need for greater disclosure to passengers. This azipod problem is not new. NCL Star had a full replacement early 2015. It then failed sea trials, resulting in our 17 day Panama cruise of April 2015 being cancelled at short notice, after we had flown to the US from Australia to join it. Distressing? Correct. It appears that this is an ongoing, unresolved problem. NCL Star has attractive itineraries in our region, however we would be reluctant to hand over our hard earned dollars.
    Its up to you NCL. Full disclosure required. Do we need to check full mechanical history on vessels before booking a cruise? You tell us break downs are rare, however …………..!

  5. The behavior of Norwegian shipping is nothing short of extortion. They have been sailing this ship around in heavy seas for months on one engine and missing, in most cases ,fifty percent of the ports of call. They talk about compensation. What compensation? Most of our group, on a voyage out of Hong Kong before Christmas ,are still waiting.
    We were given 24hours notice when they knew for weeks the itinerary was going to be severely cut. We had to go as we had booked flights and hotels.
    People want a great holiday , not some kind of promise about a refund of part of the fare. No refunds for airlines or hotels.
    Never ever will I book another cruise with Norwegian.

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