Crimean Tanker Fired Off The Coast Of Libya (VIDEO)

The tanker, which belonged to the Crimean company and went under the flag of the Comoros, was fired off the coast of Libya, as a result the ship capsized, the Libyan media reported.

As reported on October 6, the cutter of the Coast Guard of Libya intercepted the tanker GOEAST, when the vessel was on the move, and demanded to stop. The demand was not met, and the military opened fire on a tanker of 30-mm guns. As a result, the cargo ship received numerous holes, opened leaking, and the tanker capsized.

The web has published a video of the shelling shot from the side of the watchman.

According to reports, the ship allegedly transported contraband oil or fuel two miles from the coast. The fate of the crew is unknown.

The Libyan media call the tanker GOEFT, but the ship under that name does not exist. Probably, there is a mistake in the name, the vessel GOEAST is suitable for the description of the tanker fired.

According to the AIS system, the GOEAST tanker is flying the flag of the Comoros, it belongs to the Crimean company UVAS-TRANS LTD (Kerch) and was acquired by it in 2015. The last message about the location of the vessel in the AIS dates from September 26, GOEAST was anchored near Malta.