Crane on Ship in Dordrecht Threatens to Fall

Emergency services on Nov 28, 2017, tried to prevent a crane on deck of the “Merwemond” from toppling over at the Maartensgat in Dordrecht. The crane which was used for repairs on the quay wall at the Lange Gelderse Quay and the Korte Engelenburger Quay threatened to crush pleasure yachts which were moored in the port of Dordrecht.

It was being considered,to lift the whole crane up with another crane. The problems started on Nov 27 at 6 p.m. after a pontoon alongside the “Merwemond” started to list due to a water ingress. The crane was half on the pontoon, half on the “Merwemond”. The crane and the work ship also started to tilt to port. The pontoon was meanwhile resting on the bottom, the “Merwemond” was flooded. All boats inside the danger zone have been removed now.Crane Dordrecht Falling

If the crane falls over, it falls into the water. Measures were taken to prevent possible environmental damage. Oil booms were placed in the water to collect leaking oil. The emergency services and the municipality were drawing up an action plan with a salvage company about how the crane could be safely removed. The problem was that the ships were hard to access as it were inside a construction site surrounded by bulkheads. With the low tide all ships had settled on the bottom.


Source: Vessel Tracker .com