Collision Between Ships in Fazendinha Exposes Risk of Environmental Damage and the Threat to Human Life (VIDEO)

The accident occurred in the early hours of the morning, in front of the practicing station in Fazendinha’s anchorage, perimeter in which hiring of the practicing services is already mandatory.

Two foreign cargo ships collided on Wednesday morning, 11, in front of Fazendinha beach resort in Macapa: the ship Eden Bay, loaded with wheat, and Mazury, loaded with fertilizers. In addition to the damage caused by delayed products at destination, the accident draws attention to the danger of the lack of practicing professionals in the handling of large vessels in Brazilian shipping waters, which can cause damage to the environment, loss of life, as well as the risk of colliding with smaller boats common in Amazonian rivers, although the service is permanently available 24 hours a day.

The accident occurred in the early hours of the morning, in front of the practicing station in Fazendinha’s anchorage, perimeter in which hiring of the practicing services is already mandatory. The ship Eden Bay was waiting for anchor, after authorization from the Port Authority to anchor in that place, so that the commander could attend the call of the Captain of the Ports of Amapá to respond to an investigation on another accident, a beaching occurred three days before, when sailing without Practical between the Curuá Channel and Fazendinha, optional practicing area. The ship Mazury, who went to the same destination, and also sailed without practice, was preparing to merge in Fazendinha where he would wait for the port authorities to visit because it was a foreign vessel when the accident happened.

The cause of the accidents, both the stalking and the collision, will be determined by the authorities, but they may have occurred due to lack of knowledge of the local hydrographic characteristics, considering the time of the collision, which coincided with the preamar, and Mazury may having been dominated by the flood current of the Amazon River and hurled up from Eden Bay.

Amapá, part of the Amazon basin, the largest practicing zone in the world, is a route of large vessels from several nations from the high seas to the mouth of the Amazon. The particularities of this zone of practice, between the Curuá Channel and the city of Itacoatiara, also comprising the tributaries of the two banks of the largest river in the world, makes necessary the service of practitioners, who are professionals qualified to assist the commander in maneuvers, difficult geographical conditions of the region.

The accident today had no fatalities, but according to professionals in the area, could be much worse, causing environmental damage with the leakage of fuel and cargo. “Practitioners are trained to conduct ships safely, have deep knowledge of the geography of the region in which they operate, avoiding accidents, environmental damage and the loss of human lives,” said Adônis dos Santos, of the BAP Group, a practicing company that operates in Amapá.

“It is possible that if ships were under the guidance of practitioners, these two accidents and others could have been avoided, as we invested time in training, study and state-of-the-art equipment to be familiar with depths, the effect of currents, particular of the typical vessels of each place, and other characteristics of the region, which can avoid stranding, collisions, environmental damage and, above all, loss of life. Thanks to God, there were no fatalities or environmental damage, the damage was material and for the Brazilian society, which will have to wait a little longer to receive the fertilizer, which drives agribusiness in the region, and wheat, the raw material for many foods essential, “said Adonis dos Santos.