Cargo throughput of Port of Gdansk slightly rose in January 2017

Port of GdanskThe cargo throughput of the Port of Gdansk (Poland) amounted to 3.03 million tons in January 2017, which is slightly higher than the same period last year (+0.7%). The general cargo turnover during the reporting period increased by 29.2% to 1.28 million tonnes, while oil and oil products rose by 17.3% yoy to 1.22 million tons. The handled grain cargo in port of Gdansk increased by 3.9% yoy to 0.13 million tons. Significantly dropped the throughput of coal, which during the reported period dropped by 60.7% yoy to 0.19 million tons. The share of general cargo in port’s turnover is 42%, while share of oil and oil products is 40%.

The container throughput in port of Gdansk increased by 29.3% yoy in January 2017, amounting to 111,220 TEU. The tonnage of containerized cargo amounted to 1.15 million tons, which is 28.1% more than the corresponding period last year.

Port of Gdansk is a staging center of the Polish coast and the southern part of the Baltic Sea. In addition to handling of oil, coal, ore and other cargo, the port has a number of linear communications with the Baltic and Western European ports (ferry, container and Ro-Ro line). The cargo throughput of the port of Gdansk for the year 2016 amounted to 37.29 million tons, container turnover is 1.3 million TEU.