Cargo Ship Saved from Shipwreck After Collision

On Nov 7, 2017, at 9 a.m. the “Altenavi” Collided with a dam under construction in the Venice lagoon while leaving the Marghera port, Venice. The ship had left the Azozo Quay at 8 a.m. and, having transited the Petroli Canal, was about to leave the port which was being bounded by the two dams of Alberoni and Santa Maria del Mare.

The ship was sailing in ballast, after offloading cargo of cereals at Marghera. While exiting, it suddenly veered to starboard and ran onto the crescent-shaped dike with its east-west slopes which will be protecting the movable dams of the Mose in the future. Winds on scene were about 40 km/h with a swell from the East.

The bow and underwater fore ship were damaged, and the ship suffered had water ingress. The captain requested immediate assistance, and the three tugs “Elma C”, “Marina MC” and “Angelina C” moved the ship to the center of the basin and then took it to the San Marco Basin. At midday the more powerful tug “Elma C” joined the convoy while it headed towards the Petroli canal.Altenavi Trapped in Lunar dock

At 3.30 p.m. the “Altenavi” was brought back to Porto Marghera and moored at the Venice Commercial Terminals at the north quay of the North Industrial Channel.