Cargo Ship Hits the Rocks; Police Emergency Rescue Save 16 Crew Members

On the afternoon on September 18, Fujian Province, the second detachment of the Marine Police Detachment rescue a cargo ship, and the ship’s 16 crew members.

It is reported that on the afternoon 17:30 Xu, the sea police 35004 boat in Quanzhou Jinjiang Wai Wan near the waters of the implementation of patrolling control tasks, suddenly heard the radio ship issued a call for help: “Quanzhou 88 ship hit the rocks and was stranded, the ship has a crew of 16, the ship is rapidly sinking, “the situation is very critical, rescue work without delay, the maritime police boatman immediately issued a directive: quickly change the route, full speed rushed to the sea.Fujian Emergency Rescue

After 20 minutes at full speed before the sea police found in the boat, due to damage a to the “spring sea 88” cargo ship, because of the typhoon “Kanu” effect, and the sea wind causing high waves, the hull Is sinking, time was a matter of life and death, tit was difficult for the sea police boat to get close to the cargo ship because of winds and waves, rescue is extremely difficult.

Together, the officers and men of the sea police can only be careful driving the boat close to the cargo ship, when getting as close as possible the crew was quickly transferred to the police. After more than half an hour of emergency relief, 16 crew members were all transferred to the police ship.