Cargo operations at Ivory Coast’s main port of Abidjan were restarted

port of AbidjanThe cargo handling and export operations in Ivory Coast’s main port of Abidjan, which has been blocked by rebellious soldiers, were restarted. The situation in the city is normalizing, but there are still a lot of sedition and gunfire. The roads to the port were opened and the shippers resumed exports. The operations continue after the shooting eased and this morning the cocoa exporters in Abidjan and San Pedro restarted work. However, the both ports are working under highest security risk. During the last days, several shipping companies postponed or skipped calls at port of Abidjan due to the high safety risks, but exports hope that in furthers days operations at Ivory Coast’s ports will return to normal.

“The managing director of the Autonomous Port of Abidjan would like to reassure all operators and customers of the port of Abidjan that the situation has returned to normal”, says the official statement of the port authority.

Meanwhile, just hours after restarting operations in Abidjan, a heavy gunfire erupted after dark port city San Pedro, residents said.

Ivory Coast has emerged from a 2002-2011 political crisis and civil war as one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. But the violence, which began with an army mutiny nearly two weeks ago, has exposed festering divisions within the military.

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