Captain Threatens To Blow Up Ship

The captain of the Aria-142 vessel of the Caspian Sea Oil Flotilla (KMNF) Elsever Garibov, born in 1977, faced a housing problem. His private house, located in the new residential community of Balajari settlement, threatens to be demolished, explaining this by the fact that the housing is located in the territory under the control of the Oil Pipelines Department of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR). The management told the Garibov family that they had to demolish the house because it was in the immediate vicinity of the pipeline.

In this regard, the man called the service “102” and said that if the house was demolished, he would explode the ship, whose captain is, since he and his family have nowhere to live. Employees of the 4th Binagadi district police department registered the application and proceeded to the investigation. Garibov later admitted that he was very angry when he announced his intentions to blow up the ship.Caspian Sea Oil Flotilla

Meanwhile, as the agency was told in the press service of the State Oil Company, at the moment there are no talks about the demolition of houses that were illegally built in the territory of SOCAR at the time.