Captain of Submarine Removed for Having Sexual Relationship With Woman Under his Command

In Britain, the captain of the nuclear submarine was removed from the command, when it became known about his alleged romance with one of the crew members. With respect to the officer of the Royal Navy, an investigation is being conducted. He is suspected of having a relationship with a woman who was under his command.

As it became known to the BBC, an official investigation was initiated against the captain of the submarine “Vigilant” (HMS Vigilant). “Vigilant” is a submarine of the class “Vanguard” (Vanguard). It is based at the Clyde Naval Base in the Argyll and Bute area of ​​Scotland. This is one of four nuclear submarines of Britain, armed with ballistic nuclear missiles Trident.

The British Royal Navy confirmed that an investigation is being conducted, but stressed that this in no way affected the fulfillment of the current military tasks.

The ban on the service of women in submarines was canceled only in 2011. Since that time, several dozen women have been trained to serve on the submarines of the Royal Navy.

Submarine Vanguard

The British fleet operates a so-called ban on touch, which implies the inadmissibility of romantic relationships between team members. At the same time the leadership of the fleet occupies a particularly tough position in cases when representatives of the officers are involved in the scandal.

In 2014, the first female captain of the Portland warship (HMS Portland) was suspended from command of the ship after it became known about her relationship with one of the crew members.