Bodies Found in Capsized Wreck off Quy Nhon 

On Nov 4/5, 2017, the “Jupiter” capsized and sank four miles SE of Quy Nhon (Bình Định) port in Vietnam in pos. 3-42.744N; 109-14.871E in the typhoon Damrey. The ship had a runner crew of seven on board at that time. On Nov 14 rescue divers of the “SAR 412” and “SAR 2701” reached the cabins. On Nov 14 two of the crew members were found and identified.

The search of bodies stuck inside the ship encountered many difficulties due to large waves and bad visibility. The former ferry had anchored in the waters off the Van Phong Bay (Khanh Hoa) since 2010 and accommodated tourists. She was under tow to Haiphong for repairs by the tug “Falcon” when she stopped to shelter from the storm but broke from its moorings and turned over.

After three weeks of search efforts, rescuers have recovered on the whole eleven crew members of ships which got distressed in the typhoon.