Black oil clogs and contaminated floating garbage detected in Big Port of St Petersburg

St Petersburg pollutionA oil spot was detected in the East Basin of the Big Port of St Petersburg in Russia. The information for the water pollution was reported from the container ship Conger, which crew saw a black oil clogs and contaminated floating garbage. The local authorities immediately took actions for assessment and checking of the oil spot. A rescue boat Arneb was sent and at the water of East Basin were found black oil clusters and various floating debris. The local authorities started work over water cleansing and collection of the debris. Two boats with water cleansing equipment were also deployed at the scene. After several hours the oil spot was eliminated.

The investigation for the root cause and responsible for the water pollution is under way.

The oil leak did not reached the shore and did not affected the environment. The pollution was restricted to only
East Basin of the port.

Big Port of St Petersburg is the state enterprise providing the organization of trading navigation in sea port Saint Petersburg and behind its limits in established zones of responsibility of the Russian Federation. The port is located on islands of Neva Delta, in Neva Bay in east part of gulf of Finland of Baltic sea.