At least five people died in new fire accident at Gadani shipbreaking yard

LPG tanker fireAt least five people died and another one was seriously injured in fire accident at beached gas carrier at the Gadani shipbreaking yard in Pakistan. The fire broke out inside the LPG tanker Chaumadra, which is under dismantling at the yard, as group of workers were cutting plates. According to the local authorities the fire started from combustible foam inside the tanker. During the explosion, 55 people were inside the ship when the fire began, but there is no accurate information about missing workers. The local authorities dispatched firefighters at the scene and started pouring the gas carrier with water.

The death toll from the fire now stands at five workers, but that number could rise as more information comes in. It is not clear if the fire was extinguished and if all the people were evacuated and accounted. The

This is not the first accident at the unit, as in December there has been a fire, fortunately without casualties.

The new deadly fire accident comes amid mounting pressure to clean-up or halt the use of South Asia’s shipbreaking yards, where end-of-life vessels are dismantled within the tidal zone at facilities that often lack proper safety equipment, human health and environmental safety standards, and emergency services.