Arrested In The UAE, The Russian Ship Crystal East Will Signal SOS

Arrested at the suit of Gazprombank, a ship Crystal East under the Russian flag, which is in the port of Sharj (UAE) with seven Russian sailors on board, October 19, 2017 will give the SOS signal to draw the attention of the port authorities to the problem of its life support. The ship is running out of fuel, Vyacheslav Tsoy, a representative of the shipowner company Nakhodka Portbunker, told TASS on October 18.

“In five days, the ship will run out of fuel, a bunker, and then it will turn out to be de-energized, and all the products that are on it will spoil. We sent official letters to the bank’s board and the consul that we plan to give the SOS signal in the port. This will attract the attention of the port authorities to the problem of life support of the vessel, “the source said.

In a letter addressed to the Russian Consul in Dubai and the Northern Emirates Gocha Buachidze and the Chairman of the Board of Gazprombank Andrei Akimov, which is available to TASS, it is said that if there is no stock of its own bunker, the ship will be de-energized, the air conditioning and freezing chambers will be turned off. to a situation where people physically cannot be on the ship. Nakhodka Portbunker and the bankruptcy administrator do not have the opportunity to bear the cost of providing the vessel with food, water, communications, own bunker fuel and oil, the source said.

A similar situation has developed on another vessel of the company, the oil tanker Carolina Wind, it also has seven sailors, but their documents are on board the ship, and it is planned that people will leave the ship in the near future. It has enough fuel for six days, it will also give a distress signal.

Cargo Letter Vessel

The ship Crystal East is in the port since July, on board there are seven sailors from Primorsky Krai who applied to the union with the request to help return the documents and organize repatriation. The situation was joined by diplomats. So, according to the Consul of the Russian Federation in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) Anton Sharagov, the consulate has been dealing with this problem for two months. Sharagov said that the consulate is in contact with the transport service of the emirate, in which the arrested vessel is, with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the UAE, the port authorities. He explained that Russian sailors would be able to leave the Arab country without hindrance after a crew change, which is delayed due to the fact that local agents refuse to work with the vessel.