Argentinian fishing trawler Kantxope caught fire in engine room in South Atlantic

trawler KantxopeThe fishing trawler Kantxope caught fire in engine room in South Atlantic on 100 nautical miles off Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina. The fire initiated in engine room after short circuit of electric equipment, but shortly was extinguished by the crew. Unfortunately the vessel remained without light and with the lid of the well open, which caused water ingress and flooding of the machine room. The water inside the vessel caused list of 15 degrees, putting the fishing trawler is immediate danger from capsizing. During the fire the fishing vessel Kantxope was trawling and the crew was forced to cut fishing wires and to unlink the trawl. The crew sent distress signal and requested assistance from the nearby fishing ships.

The vessel DesafĂ­o first responded to the distress and arrived at the scene of the troubled trawler. They transferred the bilge pump on board of the Kantxope and the water from engine room was pumped out. The fishing vessel was stabilized and the situation was brought under control. The nearby trawler Mellino VI took the troubled vessel under tow to port of Caleta Paula.

All the 20 crew on board of the disabled fishing trawler Kantxope were in good health and without reported injuries. The damages caused by the accident will be assessed at the dock.

The fishing trawler Kantxope (IMO: 7406423) has overall length of 52.90 m, moulded beam of 9.50 m and maximum draft of 3.00 m. The gross tonnage of the vessel is 428 GRT. The trawler Kantxope was built in 1975 by Astilleros de Murueta in Spain.