Argentine Navy Received Signals from a Missing Submarine

Naval Aregnintins say they received signals that could come from the submarine “San Juan”, which disappeared in the middle of this week, reports Associated Press.

In total, seven short signals were received lasting from 4 to 36 seconds. They were received within ten minutes by different bases of the Navy of Argentina.

According to the military, the crew is trying again to get in touch; everything will be done to detect the source of the signals. At the same time, there is no confirmation that they came from the submarine.Argentine Navy

The Navy Submarine of Argentina “San Juan” disappeared off the coast of the Argentine province of Santa Cruz. Contact was lost on Wednesday, November 15, but in the media this information came only the day before.

The San Juan submarine disappeared at the time of the transition from the Argentine Navy base of Ushuaia to the place of permanent deployment on the basis of the Mar del Plata. On its board were 44 people.


Source: Maritime News of Russia