Argentina Has Stopped the Operation to Rescue the Crew of the Missing Submarine “San Juan”

The Argentine Navy announced the end of the operation to rescue the 44 crew members of the missing San Juan submarine, the Associated Press reported on Friday.

The representative of the Navy, Enrique Balbi, explained that the search, which lasted more than 15 days, was twice as long as it was necessary for the rescue operation in such cases. At the same time, he noted that until the ship was found, the Navy would not announce the death of the crew.

It was noted that if the submarine did not manage to float, the oxygen supply would not last more than 10 days.

The search operation in the south of the Atlantic continues, more than 12 countries, including Russia, take part in it.Members of the Argentine Navy look down at the sea from an airplane during a flight to search for the ARA San Juan submarine missing at sea

As previously reported, shortly before the submarine disappeared, its captain reported a short circuit in the battery compartment: according to him, the problem was eliminated. Also, the representative of the Navy reported that on the day when communication with the submarine was gone, an explosion occurred near her last location. Later, the military suggested that it could cause a high concentration of hydrogen, which was the result of problems with the battery.


Source: Maritime News of Russia