Aremiti 2 Ran Into Engine Failure Off Shore; Terrifying Passengers Onboard

On Saturday, November 4th, the passengers of the Aremiti 2 towards Moorea had an unpleasant surprise during their trip. An engine failure blocked them about twenty minutes, at the level of Faa’a.

More fear than harm … The passengers of Aremiti 2 7:15 departing from Tahiti for Moorea, had a small fright this Saturday morning. The ship, which left at 7:15 am from the Papeete wharf, suffered a technical problem with the clutch of one of the four engines, shortly after her departure. ” The water has come in,” says Ferry Mapuhi captain Taputu.Aremiti Ferry 2

The ferry had to park about twenty minutes before it could leave. It then sailed at a skow pace and moved closer to Moorea. After arriving at the destination, the Aremiti had to stop for one hour at the Vaiare quay to make the repairs. Finally, the ship left around 11am, causing delays on rotations.

Nefi Tehavaru and his family were on board. For Polynesia 1st, he testifies.