Annual turnover of container ports in Ukraine increased in 2016

container ports in UkraineThe annual turnover of container ports in Ukraine increased by almost a quarter, approaching the 0.6 million TEU. Thus, the accelerated decline interrupted the trend, which started in 2014, when the ports have lost 15% of the volume. In 2015 the decline even reached 30%. At the end of last year, the container throughput increased by 24% and amounted to 588,500 TEU. The significant growth is partly due to a low base, formed by the previous two-year drop, as for comparison in 2013 the annual turnover amounted to 780,000 TEU, which is far above the current year result, but was followed by sharp down trend.

The import restored to dominance, as in 2016 increased by over 30% to 296,000 TEU. Meanwhile, the container export decreased by almost 20% to 259,000 TEU. However, the weight equivalent of exported containers is significantly higher, amounting to 4.3 million tons, against the ight equivalent of imported containers, which is 3.1 million tons. Overall for the year were processed more than 8 million tonnes of containerized cargo.

At the same time the trend of withdrawal of transit containers from Ukrainian waters. As a result, the transit decreased by 9%, to 30,700 TEU. The last year when was reported a growth of this component was the 2013 (+11%), and then began to rapidly decrease the volume, as in 2014 the decrease was -25% and in 2015 drop was -40%.

The most active was the growth in the cabotage container shipping, which increased by almost 50% and exceeded 2,600 TEU. The growth factor was the development of container traffic in communication river-sea (with the river Dnieper system).