Anadarko and Ecopetrol found large gas reserves in Colombian Caribbean deep-water field

Bolette Dolphin drillerThe Colombian state oil company Ecopetrol, in cooperation with US offshore driller Anadarko, found large gas reserves in Caribbean deep-water field from the Gorgon-1 exploratory well. The well is part of the Purple Angel block, where both companies hold 50% stakes. Ecopetrol and Anadarko made the discovery in areas located between 3,675 and 4,415 m depth field in the south Caribbean Sea, proving presence of gas intervals ranging from 80 to 110 m. The exploratory well was drilled by Bolette Dolphin vessel at a depth of up to 4,400 m below water and some 1,300 m below the seabed. According to the preliminary estimates this is the biggest gas finding in Columbia in last 28 years.

“The presence of a set of gas fields in the area opens the possibility for Colombia to develop a cluster specialized in gas production, which would allow sharing of facilities and improve the profitability and efficiency of the projects”, said the Colombian state oil company Ecopetrol in filling to the finance regulator. “This discovery will be important for the future of Colombia’s gas supply. The exploratory successes of the Caribbean are part of Ecopetrol’s strategy that, since 2017, has focused on increasing hydrocarbon reserves”, said the company.

Purple Angel block borders the Fuerte Sur blocks, Cl-5 and Fuerte Norte. Ecopetrol and Anadarko are partnering in all of them with 50-50 shares. The four blocks cover a total area of 14,900 square kilometers. The confirmation of gas fields in the area opens the possibility for Colombia to develop a gas production specialized “cluster”, which would allow for sharing facilities and improving projects’ profitability and efficiency.

Ecopetrol is among the top four oil companies in Latin America, while Anadarko Petroleum Corporation is an American petroleum and natural gas exploration and production company.