Abandoned freighter Yeruslan sinking in Vladivostok anchorage

Yeruslan freighterThe abandoned general cargo ship Yeruslan started sinking in Vladivostok anchorage after water ingress and breached in stern compartments. The vessel was abandoned by the shipowner and crew since June 2016, left without maintenance and service. The vessel started getting water ingress in the stern, which partially submerged. Also the freighter developed list to starboard, being in immediate danger from sinking or capsizing. The local authorities and Port Rescue Service took actions with salvage operations of the abandoned cargo ship. On board were delivered pumps, which are dewatering the engine compartment, keeping the vessel still afloat.

“The vessel abandoned general cargo ship Yeruslan increased lost and her stern is partially submerged”, said the press-service of the Primorye administration. “To the ship were delivered pumps and rescuers are pumping water from the holds to level the roll of the ship and not let her drown”, adds the statement.

The boundary commission for emergency situations will meet during the next days, discussing the fate of abandoned cargo ship. Currently there are no reported leaks and water pollution, but on board of the freighter Yeruslan there are several tons of diesel, sludge and lub oils.

The freighter Yeruslan (IMO: 8867387) has overall length of 74.53 m, moulded beam of 11.30 m and maximum draft of 3.50 m. The deadweight of the ship is 1,285 DWT and the gross tonnage is 1232 GRT. The general cargo ship was built in 1967 by Ganz Danubius Shipyard and Machinery Factory in Hungary.