87 Passengers Injured in Philippines, As Ferry Hits Rocks

Ferry MARIA MATILDE ran aground on rocks at around 0430 LT Sep 26, on a coast in Calatrava City area, northern Tablas Island, Tablas Strait, Philippines.

Ferry was on route from Odiongan port, southeast Tablas, to Romblon Island, with 2151 passengers and vehicles on board. 87 passengers reported injured, all those requiring medical assistance were taken to nearby hospitals.


Officials said grounding was caused by restricted by heavy rain visibility, but passenger’s statements contradict official version. As of 1400 UTC Sep 26, status and condition of MARIA MATILDE are unknown. According to a CNN photo and description of an accident, ferry ran onto coast and hit a cliff.

Passenger ship MARIA MATILDE, IMO 7106126, GT 1266, built 1971, flag Philippines.