More than 650 Indian Sailors Went Missing After the Cyclone “Okha” Invasion

The location of over 660 Indian seamen remains unknown after the Oakhi cyclone hit the southern coast of India and parts of Sri Lanka in early December, Western media reported on Wednesday, citing figures from Indian authorities.

The media note that the head of the Ministry of Defense of India, Nirmala Sitaraman, speaking in the country’s parliament, said that 661 sailors have not yet been found. However, the minister did not say that they could die.

According to media reports, because of the cyclone “Okha” killed 250 people, and in neighboring Sri Lanka, the element killed 27 people.Indian Seamen Oakhi Cyclone

The main blow of the elements fell on the Indian state of Kerala. The storm damaged more than 1 thousand buildings, 74 buildings were completely destroyed.


Source: Maritime News of Russia