5 Sailors Trapped Inside Shipwreck in South China

Rescue workers have saved seven crew members from a freight vessel that sank in the ocean near the Pearl River estuary on Monday, according to a report published late yesterday by Xinhua.

Five others were still trapped inside the sunken vessel’s cabin as of 11.45pm yesterday, November 28.

The crew members in distress were operating a cargo ship carrying 5,000 metric tons of sand. Early on Monday, it sank after colliding with another vessel carrying 5,000 metric tons of steel. The metal-hauling boat made it to shore after the crash, with all 11 crew members safe as of Monday, according to an Agence France-Presse report carried by the Standard.

The two ships were registered in Fujian and Jiangsu, Xinhua reported.ship-sunk-south-china-2

The deputy head of Guangzhou’s maritime safety administration, Huang Mutan, said yesterday that the seven rescued sailors have been transported to a hospital, where six are in stable condition and one was admitted to the intensive care unit.

Roughly 300 people participated in yesterday’s rescue efforts, including over 20 divers.  


Source: that’s mags