2M Alliance launched new services to handle HMM and Hamburg Sud volumes

Maersk MSCMaersk Line and MSC, which are members of the 2M Alliance members, launched new services from Asia to Europe and through the Pacific Ocean in order to ensure sufficient capacity for the transportation of goods of the routes operated by Hyundai Merchant Marine and Hamburg Sud. The new services are AE7 in the direction of Asia and Northern Europe and TP16 on the Transpacific Trade and will be launched on April 1, in accordance with the recent agreements on the exchange of slots with Hyundai Merchant Marine and Hamburg Sud. The South Korean Korean and German carriers will use the 2M route network, but will not operate the fleet.

The AE7 service will connect the ports of Shanghai, Ningbo and Tandzhung-Telepas in Asia with the ports of Northern Europe and will propose calling at the ports of North Africa and the Middle East on the opposite loop.

A new transpacific service TP18 will link China and South Korea to the US East Coast ports via the Panama Canal.

“Our new slot agreements require that we increase our capacity”, said head of trade at Maersk Line, Silvia Ding. “With these service improvements we are adding the necessary capacity to match the increase in volumes. Our aim is, and continues to be, to manage our capacity efficiently and maintain the stability and continuity of our network”, added she.

In addition, Maersk Line will combine services TP3 and TP8 from Asia to the US West Coast in one service TP8.