15 Bests Gifts For The Seamen and Sea Lovers.

Gifts are symbolic and giving the right gift to the right persons add to the value of the gift and the giving. When it comes to giving gifts to Seamen, Yacht aficionados, Boaters, and Sea lovers, it is important to give the right gifts. One of the reason is that most of the times they are away from their families, lovers, and friends for months and these gifts help to create a connection. There are several gifts available for persons under this profession, but we will dwell on just 15 of such gifts.

  • Classical Nautical Watch
    This is one gift item you can gif a sea lover or seaman. These wristwatches are available in different types, sizes, colors, and brands. A very good example is the Jack Mason Nautical watch which is available at $100- $300. This watch is water resistant up to 100 meters below water level and features navigation tools such as a compass.


  • Keychain Knife
    This keychain knife always handles for fishers and fishing lovers. With a small knife that can help boaters cut fishing lines, tear open a letter, open a small box, and function as a work tool. A very good example is the SOG key folding knife available for just $7.97 on Amazon.


  • Monocular
    Gone are the days where large binoculars/monocular were the order the day. You can gift your sea lover, Yacht aficionado a pocket monocular. This monocular is great for spotting sea animals during sea trips. You can purchase the Brunton 7*18 Echo Pocket Scope for just $13.31 on Amazon.


  • Solar Powered Waterproof Speaker
    This is one unique gift you can gift to a sea lover or seaman that spend more of their time on the sea/ocean. The CYBORIS Solar Bluetooth Speaker is the main deal because it offers up to 30 hours playtime and features a built-in microphone.


  • Books
    It is common knowledge that while sea trips can be fun but it can get boring sometimes. Imagine spending weeks on the sea; boredom is certain to set in. Getting a nice book for your sea lover friend is a great idea. One of a great book that you can gift a sea lover is the 438 Days, Island of the lost, and boat repair books.


  • Magazines
    Magazines are another form of print media that can be gifted to a boater, seaman, and related professionals. This helps to keep them occupied and abreast with happenings around the world. A good example of a magazine is the Sports fishing magazine and pleasure boating world.


  • Flashlights
    This is a must during the dark, frosty nights ahead. Buying a quality flashlight is highly appreciated among seamen and boaters. With budget-friendly flashlights such as TOMTOP LED Submarine Light Diving Flashlight Underwater Torch which is sold for just $8.99. This torchlight offers 25 meters of distance of light underwater.


  • Neoprene Hand gloves
    Sailing with cold hands can be super terrible and therefore gifting a seaman or fisherman a hand glove that comes with neoprene thermal insulator is a great idea. A very good example is the Henri Lloyd Neoprene Sailing Winter Gloves which is sold for $42.96 on Amazon.


  • Chest Pack
    Chest packs are snug fitting solutions for keeping accessories like a mobile phone, VHF, personal EPIRB to hand on the water. Gifting a chest pack to a seaman is a super great idea, and they are usually affordable and adjustable. A good example is the LOPEZ New Red Adult Boating Vest which is sold for $38.99 on Amazon.


  • Backpack Cooler
    Nothing beats the fun of sipping beer during a sea voyage. This item comes quite handy for beer lovers still wanting to relish the taste of a real homemade beer while on the high sea. The MIER Insulated Cooler Backpack and others offer the ability to store 24 cans of beer, and it is sturdy.


  • Waterproof Jacket
    A waterproof jacket is an essential gift item that can be gifted to a seaman. As the weather gets cooler or the rain starts to fall, there is a high demand for such items among seamen. A waterproof jacket is a key item in the life of a seaman. A good example is the Regatta Men’s Jacket which is lightweight and waterproof. This jacket goes for $15- $45 on Amazon.



  • Polarized Sunglasses
    This type of sunglasses is one great gift idea. This is because it helps to restore true color, eliminate reflected light and scattered light and make the scenery more clear and soft and protect eyes perfectly. A good example is the Polarized Sports Crazy Fire UV 400 Protection Sunglasses which is sold for $15 on Amazon. This eyewear comes with about five-set interchangeable lens.


  • Ocean Waves Projector
    Nothing beats the feeling of creating an ocean scene in your bedroom. This gift is for sea lovers looking to recreate a feeling of their outdoor sea experience in their homes. A good example is the; Romantic Multicolored LED Relaxing Ocean Sea Daren Waves Speaker Projector which is sold for around $20. This projector recreates a sea like a view with the sound of waves and therefore is an awesome gift for seamen and sea lovers.


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