1,065-foot Container Ship Breaks Free From Boston Terminal

A container ship broke free from a terminal in Boston, the Coast Guard confirmed early Wednesday morning.

The 1,065-foot ship “Helsinki Bridge” was at the Paul W. Conley Container Terminal when it broke free from the 12 lines securing the vessel.

“They notified us very quickly. The ship’s crew was very quick in getting their engine equipment up and running so that they could drop their anchor and not be drifting around,” Coast Guard Lt. Jennifer Sheehy said.

Terminal workers who were on the ship were able to get off, and no injuries were reported.

Two tug boats and a pilot helped to escort the runaway ship out to Broad Sound, between Winthrop and Nahant.

State police said the ship hit a dock and did some minor damage when it broke free.

“They’ll take a look at all of the equipment. They’ll talk to the ship’s crew, and a team is at Conley Terminal looking at any damage that might be there,” Sheehy said.Container Breaks Free From Dock Boston

The Coast Guard said that wind is being looked at as a factor, but the investigation is ongoing.

“Winds that we had last night, the strength of those winds and a ship this size has a lot of sail area to push against, so it’s not unheard of for a ship this size to part ways because of the wind strength,” Sheehy said.