Vostochny Port reported record turnover of over 23 million tons of coal in 2016

Vostochny Port exportThe Russian Vostochny Port reported turnover of over 23 million tons of coal during the calendar year, which is historical record for the terminal. The result surpasses the last year’s throughput of 22.77 million tons and bares fruits from the massive development investments. During the first 11 months of the year, at the port handled 538 bulk carriers with total turnover of 21.6 million tons of coal products, which represent an increase of 3.7% yoy. The port is under development investment program for improvement of the coal mining complex, including the creation of a federal railway infrastructure. In 2017, the third stage of the project will be completed and put into operations, which will increase the capacity of the port to 39 million tons.

In November, the growth of cargo turnover Vostochny Port increased to 1.98 million tons, which represents 5.8% yoy increase. During the month, the terminal reached daily record of winter discharge, as maximum number of rail cars discharged per day reached 1,050 units.

“The record number of 23 million tonnes is the common achievement of Vostochny Port and LLC Management port company”, said the managing director of Vostochny Port, Anatoly Lazarev. “Together, we not only exceeded the previous records, but also improved the other indicators of the country’s largest coal specialized public port. We do not plan to stop there and during the next year will be put into operation a third of all coal mining complex that will significantly increase the turnover of the port, thereby increasing the export potential of the Far East region of Russia and the development of port infrastructure”, added he.

Vostochny Port is the Russia’s largest coal specialized public port, equipped with conveyor equipment, car-dumpers, ship-loaders and a unique multi-stage system of the magnetic cleaning of coal. The port handles 20% from the all coal exports from the sea ports of Russia and about 30% of the coal handling ports in the Far East basin.