Typhoon Megi sunk passenger vessel Jiannan 12 at Kaohsiung dock

passenger vessel Jiannan 12 sankThe passenger vessel Jiannan 12 sank at Kaohsiung dock, being hit by the strong typhoon Megi. The unmanned vessel, which was berthed at Xiaogang village fishing port, started getting water ingress during the night, suffering port board breaches and ruptures by the waves. The heavy seas speeded up the water ingress and washed the main deck. The Coast Guard and local authorities dispatched equipment and teams with mobile pumps. Unfortunately the bad weather hampered refloating and stabilization of the wooden passenger ship and early in the morning Jiannan 12 capsized and sank on 0.1 nautical miles off the dock. During the accident there were no crew on board. The savlours abandoned the ship accordingly and did not suffered any injuriues.

On board of the wooden passenger vessel there are 40-50 liters of diesel and 5 liters of oil. The fuel spilled into the water, but local authorities dispatched environment protection equipment to stop spreading of the spot.

At the scene of sinking were dispatched mobile cranes, which will take the ship’s wreck from the water, due to danger for navigation and operations in the harbor.

The wooden passenger vessel Jiannan 12 has overall length of 12.20 m, beam of 5.00 m and maximum draft of 1.50 m.