Two yachtsmen rescued after falling overboard at regatta of Cor Caroli in Black Sea

Sailing yachts collisionTwo yachtsmen went missing after accident on the start of regatta Cor Caroli in Bulgarian Black Sea. Two people fell overboard from the sailing yacht Scorpion near Byala, Bulgaria. The rest of the crew reported about the accident immediately. The regatta was suspended and all the participating yachts were engaged in search and rescue operations. The Bulgarian Coast Guard and navy also dispatched rescue boats to assist for searching of the missing people. After an hour of search an rescue operation, the people were rescue in good health and without life-threatening injuries. The regatta was restarted after the dangerous accident.

“The reason for their fall overboard was a big wave that swept them into the sea”, explained in official statement the organizers of the regatta.

The regatta Cor Caroli in Bulgarian Black Sea started with incident after the collision of the yacht Mistral and Baracuda. Sports Peterson caught for jiggers of Barracuda and both yachts were drifting at the starting line. This suspended the start of the regatta. Upon the re-start everything was fine and the fleet toward the sign in front of Buna 103, where the competing crews had additional difficulties to maintain their positions.