Two injured after high-speed passenger vessel Voskhod-69 grounded in river Ob

Voskhod-69 shipThe high-speed passenger vessel Voskhod-69 with 34 people on board grounded into the left bank of river Ob. The ship left the shipping channel with high speed and hardly stuck into the sandy shallow in the river bank. Following the accident, two passengers were injured and evacuated by helicopter. The other people were disembarked and transported by bus to their final destination. The injured people were transported to the clinic in Kargasok village for medical treatment and examinations. The vessel did not suffered serious damages and was towed back to safe depth and anchored for further inspection. The high-speed passenger vessel Voskhod-69 will be allowed to return in operations after special survey for seaworthiness.

The Tomsk transport prosecutor’s office started investigation for the root cause of the grounding. There is no water pollution and other damages during the grounding.

The high-speed passenger vessel Voskhod-69 was en route from Kargasok to Koltogorsky. The owner and operator of the vessel is LLC Obrechflot. The vessel was built in 1990 by Feodosia shipyard in Russia. The passenger vessel Voskhod-69 has overall length of 27.60 m, moulded beam of 6.20 m and maximum draft of 1.00 m. The gross tonnage of the ship is 88 GRT.