Two freighters sank after collision with shipwreck in Surabaya, Indonesia

timber freighter Anugrah Indah sank The timber freighter Anugrah Indah sank after collision with shipwreck near buoy 10 at Surabaya West Water Flow, Indonesia. The vessel, carrying dozens of cubic logs, suffered underwater damages and partially sank after water ingress. The accident was immediately reported to the local authorities and the five crew were rescued by partol boat, which was dispatched at the scene. There were no injuries among the crew. The ship sank at the shallow water resting with her stern the bottom, but causing navigation danger for the seafarers. The shipwreck is from the sank vessel Tanto Hari, which is marked by navigation buoy. The local authorities dispatched a rescue boat to inspect the condition of the partially sank timber freighter Anugrah Indah.

Ridiculously, but this is second same accident at this position for the last week. Five days ago, the motor vessel Berkat Mulia sank after hitting the same shipwreck. All the crew then were rescued by the local fishermen, who fortunately were in vicinity. No people were injured during the accident, but ship was also carrying several liters of fuel, which might spill into the port.

The timber freighter Anugrah Indah is small cargo ship with gross tonnage of 39 GRT, used only for coastal shipping in Surabaya. The vessels had no radar and reason for collision, probably was a mistake of the skipper.