Turnover of stevedoring company JSC Seaport St Petersburg dropped in H1 2016

stevedoring JSC Seaport St PetersburgThe turnover of stevedoring company JSC Seaport St Petersburg dropped by 11% yoy in H1 2016, amounting to 3.79 million tons. The decrease in the throughput of the largest stevedoring company in the Big port Saint Petersburg is mainly due to the lower volumes of export, which dropped by 14.4% yoy to 3.13 million tons. The imports also dropped significantly by 5.8% yoy, but their share in the whole turnover is pretty small – only 0.66 million tons. The decrease of the cargo turnover of JSC Seaport St Petersburg happens on the background of economic crisis, trade sanctions to Russian Federation and large fluctuation of the local currency, which seriously affects import and export.

The volume of general cargo handled by the stevedoring company JSC Seaport St Petersburg has decreased by 7% yoy to 3.25 million tons, mainly due to the decrease in scrap handling by 43.7% yoy to 0.415 million tonnes. Meanwhile, the turnover of metals rose due to the increase of export shipments of steel and aluminum smelters, reaching 2.31 million tons. The amount of processing of rolling cargo increased by 15.4% to 0.22 million tons, due to growth of imports arriving in St Petersburg on the MP ferry lines. The number of handled vehicles increased by 62% to 18,000 units, mainly due to the export of Russian-made cars.

The handling of bulk cargo by JSC Seaport St Petersburg decreased significantly by 31% yoy to 0.54 million tons, hit by the reduced processing of mineral fertilizers in bulk. Their volume decreased by 91% to 28,000 tons, due to the redistribution of traffic in favor of Russia and the Baltic countries specialized terminals.

Meanwhile, the throughput of alumina in St Petersburg increased by 8.5% yoy and amounted to 0.444 million tons, due to new freight flow from the CIS countries.

JSC Seaport St Petersburg is part from the stevedoring division UCL Holding International Transport Group. It is the largest operator providing services for handling all kinds of dry cargo in the Big Port of St Petersburg. It operates modern universal transshipment complex of general and bulk cargo, as well as specialized terminals handling ro-ro cargoes and containers. In 2015, the turnover of the company amounted to 7.9 million tonnes.