Turkish cargo ship Saffet Bey ran aground at Lacedaemonia coast in Greece

Saffet Bey agroundThe Turkish cargo ship Saffet Bey ran aground at Lacedaemonia coast in southeastern part of the Peloponnese peninsula, Greece. The vessel ran on high speed on the shore after steering gear failure. There is no report about injured people and damages caused, but obviously the cargo ship is hardly stuck on the sand/mud shore shallow. The accident was reported to local authorities and at the scene were dispatched two tugs. The refloating of Turkish-flagged vessel will be done at high tide and after underwater inspection of the ship’s hull. According to preliminary information, there were no big damages of the hull, but local authorities want to estimate seaworthiness before towing to safe depth.

During the accident there were no injured people and water pollution. The grounding happened after steering gear pump blocked and vessel lost maneuverability. The crew was unable to reduce the power enough and hardly stuck into the shore.

The cargo ship Saffet Bey (IMO: 8417118) was en route from Trieste, Italy to Cesme, Turkey. The vessel has overall length of 163.80 m, moulded beam of 23.50 m and maximum draft of 7.00 m. The deadweight of the ship is 14,107 DWT and the gross tonnage is 19,689 GRT. The cargo ship Saffet Bey was built in 1987 by Danyard in Frederikshavn, Denmark.