Kirby Maritime’s tug collided with dock at Subsea 7 facility in Texas and caused spill of low-sulfur diesel fuel

Capt Jim GreenBarge towed by tug Capt Jim Green collided with dock at Subsea 7 facility near Port Isabel in South Padre Island, breaching oil tank and causing a spill of 18 tons of low-sulfur diesel fuel in Intercoastal Waterway in Texas, USA. The damage caused sufficient environmental pollution into the waterways. The accident was reported to US Coast Guard and local authorities, which dispatched at the scene of the accident rescue boats and hazmat teams. The breach of damaged tank was patched and secured, which stopped stopped the oil leak, but meanwhile in the water were spilled about 5,000 gallons of low-sulfur diesel fuel. The hazmat teams surrounded the spots with oil booms and started cleansing operations, but large quantity reached the shores and put in danger the wildlife in vicinity.

The Intracoastal Waterway is a 3,000-mile inland waterway along the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico coasts of the US. It stretches from Boston, Massachusetts to Brownsville, Texas.

The authorities started investigation for the root cause of the collision. Probably the accident was caused by human mistake of the skipper. There were no injured people and no danger for the seaworthiness of the barge and tug.

The tug Capt Jim Green has overall length of 21.35 m, moulded beam of 12.20 m and maximum draft of 2.50 m. The twin scren tugboat was built in 1975 by F. B. Walker and Sons in Pascagoula, USA. The tug is driven by two Volvo D34 diesel engines, each with output power of 1600 hp. The owner and operator of the tug Capt Jim Green is Kirby Inland Marine.