Tug Salvage Titan aground by storm in Philippines

Salvage TitanThe tug Salvage Titan ran aground at Barangay Marzan in Sanchez Mira, Philippines. The vessel was towing a barge with a crane en route to Malaysia, but was caught by bad weather and heavy seas. The towing tug was pushed to the shore and ran aground off the coast of Sitio Calingkingan. The accident was reported to the local authorities and the 19 crew members on board of the tug Salvage Titan were evacuated by Philippine Coastguard. Six from the seamen on board received medical assistance, but it was estimated that have minor injuries. The vessel remained stuck at the rocky shallow by starboard, probably breached and suffering water ingress. There is no immediate danger for the seaworthiness of the ship.

The local authorities are monitoring the area of the grounded tug, but there is no report about oil leaks and water pollution. The investigation for the root cause of the grounding is under way, as authorities are working on possible technical failure before grounding.

The tug Salvage Titan (IMO: 7522136) has overall length of 67.50 m, moulded beam of 14.00 m and maximum draft of 6.60 m. The deadweight of the vessel is 1,568 DWT and the gross tonnage is 2,057 GRT. The towing tug was built in 1977 by De Hoop Scheepswerf in Heusden, Netherlands.

  1. steering failure, engine failure….

  2. kenneth woodside December 18, 2016, 9:44 am

    Sad to hear a fine tug going aground.I knew the Smit New York & have sailed with many Filipinos.They are ok for low key jobs.They are NOT taught PROPER navigation or seamanship and as for engineers…useless.These people will never understand machinery.Malaya/Indonesians just the same.
    The companies that employ these “Captains/Masters” & “Engineers NEVER understand that cheap/low wages,save money..You pay peanuts you get MONKEYS !..FACT

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