One dead after explosion on trawler Vilyuchinskiy in Avacha Bay

Vilyuchinskiy fishing trawlerThe trawler Vilyuchinskiy exploded in Avacha Bay near Kamchatka Peninsula. The vessel was at anchor, when fuel fumes in pump compartment portside inflamed and exploded, causing sufficient damages of the aft and pump room. One seamen, who was in the region of explosion, died from heavy burns. The vessel did not suffered sufficient damages and remained afloat, but was detained for further investigation and inspection. The local authorities ordered the trawler Vilyuchinskiy to dock at Petropavlovsk and police officers boarded to take evidences for the root cause of the explosion. There are no other seriously injured people and no water pollution.

After inspection, the local maritime authorities will held a full inspection of the vessel, to find its seaworthiness and safety. The rest of the crew members were ion good health, but evacuated during the investigation.

The trawler Vilyuchinskiy (IMO: 8901444) has overall length of 64.00 m, moulded beam of 13.00 m and maximum draft of 5.00 m. The deadweight of the vessel is 1255 DWT and the gross tonnage is 1944 GRT. The fishing ship was built in 1990 by Sterkoder Shipbuilding in their shipyard in Kristiansund, Norway. The owner and operator of the fishing trawler is Russian company Akros Fishing.