Tourist vessel QN 6299 with 37 passengers burned and sank in Vietnam

QN 6299 fireThe tourist vessel QN 6299 with 37 passengers on board caught fire in Tuan Chau Harbor, Vietnam. The wooden ship was quickly engulfed in flames and whole almost completely burned and sank. The passengers jumped into the water during the fire and succeeded to evacuate without serious injuries. All of them were rescued and get ashore without reporting casualties. The wooden tourist vessel QN 6299 completely burned and sank at pier, as firefighters were unable to get control of the flames. The salvage of the wreck will be considered during the next weeks, as currently forms navigation danger.

The local authorities started investigation for the root cause of the fire. According to witness evidences the fire started from accommodation in the boat, probably by some electrical appliance. The further investigation will show the exact root causes and if the crew followed strictly the safety rules.

The tourist vessel QN 6299 has overall length of 78.00 m, moulded beam of 9.00 m and maximum draft of 3.50 m.