Throughput at Port of Hamina-Kotka increased by 5.1% yoy in Q1 2016

Hamina-Kotka container terminalThe cargo throughput at Port of Hamina-Kotka increased by 5.1% yoy in Q1 2016, amounting to 3.46 million tons. The export of the port increased by 7.3% yoy to 2.56 million tons, while imports dropped slightly by 0.9% yoy to 0.91 million tons. The biggest growth in export was recorded in lumber, which grew by 28.8% to 0.46 million tons, while liquid and general cargo dropped respectively by 4.6% and 9.3% The import of general cargo decreased by 13.9% yoy to 0.28 million tons, while liquid cargo dropped by 7% to 0.28 million tons. The container turnover in Q1 2016 grew by 14.9% to 165,260 containers, while the cars shipments dropped by 68.6% to 2,280 vehicles.

The Finnish ports Kotka and Hamina merged under the new name Port of Hamina-Kotka on 1 May 2011 and currently is the largest port in the Northern European country.

The port of Hamina-Kotka is located in the Gulf of Finland on 30 nautical miles from the Russian border and just on 150 nautical miles from St Peterburg. The share of Port of Kotka-Hamina from total container throughput in Finland is 38.8%.