Three missing after floating crane Asptr-1 sank in Black Sea

Asptr-1The floating crane Asptr-1 capsized and sank on 1.5 nautical miles off Livadiya in Crimea, Russia. The crane was under tow by tugs Mercury and Derzkiy during bad weather conditions from Gurzuf to Sevastopol. The crane started leaking, losing stability and capsized, throwing all the crew into the water. The tugs succeeded to release the mooring lines and started immediate search and rescue operation. In the first minutes five from the eight crew were recovered from the waters of Black Sea, but another three went missing. The accident was reported to local authorities and rescue coordination center. At the scene of the accident were dispatched rescue boats, which established a SAR area and engaged nearby vessels and boats into the operation.

The investigation for the root cause of the accident is under way. The missing people were not found, but authorities continue with SAR. There is no report about water pollution and oil leak.

The floating crane Asptr-1 was built in 1962 and owned by State Agency Rosmorrechflot. The length is 38.40 m, moulded beam is 14.00 m and displacement is 1000 tons.