Terrorists attacked offshore oil and gas platform of Chevron in Niger Delta

Okan platform ChevronNiger Delta terrorists attacked offshore oil and gas platform of Chevron off Nigeria’s southern coast. The group, which is called Niger Delta Avengers, bombed Chevron’s Okan platform and destroyed the valve to the Escravos terminal area. This forced the company to stop production, but some quantity of oil spilled into the water. Chevron immediately mobilized boats to contain the oil spill and to prevent additional water pollution. Chevron is an operator of a joint venture with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) at the Okan platform an the whole offshore oil field. Fortunately during the accident there were no injured offshore workers.

“The facility that was bridged is the Okan offshore platform. The valve is offshore our Escravos terminal area”, said the Chevron’s General Manager for Public Affairs, Deji Haastrup. “We have shut in the facility and we have mobilised to contain the potential spill that results from incidents such as this. All of our export commitments are taken care of. It will not affect our commitments to export crude. It means that we cannot produce from that particular facility until it has been accessed and repaired. But we will continue to produce from our other assets”, added he.

Chevron continue operations at other oil platforms and informed that terrorist attack will not interfere their crude oil export. The navy and local authorities are investigation the accident and trying to find the traces of the terrorists.

The same group, Niger Delta Avengers, took the responsibility for the attack on a Shell pipeline in February that shut down the 250K bbl/day Forcados export terminal.