Tanker Araks ran aground in Caspian Sea

Tanker AraksThe reefer tanker Araks ran aground in Caspian Sea off Cape Sandy, Kazakhstan. The vessel dragged anchor and was adrifted by the winds to the shore, grounding into a sand/mud shallow by the port board. The crew issued distress signal to the local authorities and at the scene was dispatched rescue boat to inspect the condition of the tanker. Most of the crew was evacuated due to danger for capsizing, as on board remained senior engineer, a citizen of the Russian Federation. During the grounding there were no injured people and reported water pollution, but salvage will be started after weather improves. The company operator had contracted salvage team to refloat the tanker, but it is not know if ship suffered any underwater breaches.

The crude carrier Araks has 130 tonnes of waste oil, 200 tons of oil and 17 tons of solid waste in bags on board, but there is no report about any spills and leaks. The authorities are monitoring the condition of the ship, due to high danger from capsizing and causing water pollution.

The reefer crude carrier Araks (IMO: 8909862) is owned and operated by the Russian shipping company Trans-Caspian, headquartered in Makhachkala. The vessel has length of 49.00 m, moulded beam of 9.00 m and maximum draft of 3.80 m. The gross tonnage of the vessel is 617 GRT. The oil tanker was built in Niigata Shipbuilding and Repair in Japan.