Strong typhoon Meranti caused mess at Kaohsiung Port

container ship adriftThe super typhoon Meranti caused mess at Kaohsiung Port, causing sufficient damages, devastation and chaos. The super typhoon Meranti is barreling down on Taiwan, bringing wind speeds of up to 230 miles per hour and torrential rains. Into the Kaohsiung Port were reported serious damages, including sinking fishing boats, dragging anchors of cargo ships, drifting ships with broken mooring lines and a collapsed crane. The devastation will be assessed after the typhoon reduce its speed and weather improves.

It was understood that at least 10 vessels on the outer road dragged anchors during the strong winds, but fortunately there were no collisions and groundings. The wind speed reached 230 miles per hour, causing giant waves. The typhoon was classified with top-scale Category 5 and the strongest typhoon since Super Typhoon Haiyan devastated the Philippines in 2013 and is the strongest storm to come this close to Taiwan since 1959.

There were no report about casualties, but two people have been injured and more than 260,000 households have lost power in counties across southern Taiwan.

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