Ship Sandra af Carlshamn sank in Karlshamn

Ship Sandra af Carlshamn sankThe ship Sandra af Carlshamn started getting water ingress and partially sank at the dock of Karlshamn, Germany. The vessel touched the bottom with upper deck above the water, causing environment danger for oil spill. According to the local authorities, the vessel was about to be scrapped and there were no people on board, as well as no injuries during sinking. The ship was surrounded by oil booms, which should restrict possible leaks. Two divers were sent to inspect the vessel’s wreck and estimated that ship suffered breach in the aft part, which caused the water ingress, but fuel tanks are strong and there is oil water pollution.

The salvage of the ship Sandra af Carlshamn is likely to be complicated because the quay is too dilapidated and hardly will be employed a heavy-duty crane for taking the ship’s wreck. The refloating is hard and can be done only by pumping the water from the compartments, but owner Roger Karlsson wants as soon as possible removing the wreck and scrapping it.

The vessel Sandra af Carlshamn has overall length of 23.15 m, moulded beam of 6.50 m and maximum draft of 3.00 m.