Port of Shanghai plans to expand turnover to 45 million TEU

Shanghai port containerShanghai plans to become the largest transportation center in China until 2040, according to draft master plan for the city’s development. The port will receive financing of 2.7 billion USD by the city government until 2020 for expansion of the container terminals and area of economic zone. The city and port authorities plans to increase the capacity and turnover of container port complex to 45 million TEU annually. According to the draft, about 10% of the traffic will be transshipment of third countries.

Also the strategic development plan includes two main airports, which on the basis of the program planned to increase the capacity to 160-180 million passengers per year, and expansion of the four railway stations in Shanghai.

The Port of Shanghai faces the East China Sea to the east, and Hangzhou Bay to the south. It includes the confluences of the Yangtze River, Huangpu River and Qiantang River. The harbor is a critically important transport hub for the Yangtze River region and the most important gateway for foreign trade. Port of Shanghai is the largest container port in the world, currently having container turnover of 36.5 million TEU annually, which represent an increase of 3.5% yoy. At the same time 60% of the total turnover comes from transshipment to ports in China and cabotage.