Seven fishermen missing after fishing boat Jin Ruiyi 88 capsized off Taiwan

Jin Ruiyi 88Seven fishermen are missing after fishing boat Jin Ruiyi 88 capsized on 2.9 nautical miles off New Taipei’s Shimen, Taiwan. Near the coast the vessel hit by the giant waves and heavy seas, which caused capsizing with keep remaining above the water. During the accident, on board of the fishing boat Jin Ruiyi 88 were eight crew members, including Taiwanese skipper, five Chinese and two Vietnamese fishermen. The crew succeeded to sent distress signal to the local authorities and nearby vessels. The Keelung Coast Guard received the call and organized search and rescue operations, as nearby vessels and fishing boats responded to the distress signal and arrived at the scene of the accident.

First at the site arrived the fishing ship Kai Sheng 6, which saw the capsized wreck. The navy boats, as well as helicopters investigatied the area around the capsized ship, but bad weather seriously hampered the salvage. On the morning of the water search, the rescue teams suspected to have heard the voice response from the, there may be survivors of the missing 7 people should be trapped in the cabin. The North City Fire Department rushed to the scene and cut the hull of the capsized fishing boat. Into the cabin search survivors, has rescued a Taiwanese skipper Lin Moude.

Lin Moude lived in bubble under the wreck for 2 days, having signs of hypothermia, but his awareness is still clear. There is no obvious trauma, but was hospitalized in Mackay. Lin Moude said that the two days without water, no food, can only stay in the cabin waiting for the rescue, but fortunately this morning to hear the voice of search and rescue personnel, and immediately beat the hull. The noise was heard and he was rescued. Unfortunately there were no other found people, as probably others were trapped inside or carrier by the current.