Self-propulsion barge Fomento Pausha sank in Goa, India

barge Fomento PaushaThe self-propulsion barge Fomento Pausha sank on Redi port anchorage in Goa, India. The vessel started getting water ingress from a breach in the aft part of the hull, which flooded some compartment and increased significantly the draft. The four crew was unable to pump out the water on time and abandoned the barge accordingly and were rescued by local authorities. All the seamen were in good health and without injures, but barge aft submerged and only the fore part remains above the water. During the accident the barge was loaded with several hundred tons of sand from dredging works in the port.

The local authorities are monitoring the ship’s wreck for any oil leaks and consider the possible salvage with local towing companies. The capsized self-propulsion barge Fomento Pausha remain a navigation danger for the vessels in vicinity. The authorities issued temporary warning to seafarers for the danger in Redi port anchorage.

The barge Fomento Pausha has deadweight of 750 DWT. The owner and operator of the vessel is Desa Goa.

Video from the accident: